This is a blog about my journey to self-awakening, healing, and empowerment. A personal account of the lifestyle that has emerged from the desire to seek health and happiness in an effort to become my highest self in order to inspire positive change on a global scale.

When the choices we face daily either have the power to create a positive or negative outcome both within ourselves and in the world around us, it becomes critical that we approach each and every one with complete mindfulness if we want to live together in peace and harmony with ourselves, each other, and the planet.

In times where war, chaos, disease, famine, resource shortages, mass extinction, global climate shifts, greed, corruption, politics, corporations, and governments are threatening our existence we must respond with haste to rise above and overcome. I do not believe that these forces are outside of ourselves but a reflection of that which is within ourselves. Our lives must be lived in a way that it becomes the resistance to such forces.

When we take the time to do the inner work on an individual level, we, in turn, will begin to come to understand the workings of the human condition on a connected level and therefore begin to understand how we are all one. With that awareness we can gain a greater understanding of how our personal actions are either contributing to or taking away from all suffering, empowering us to create a world as free of it as we so choose so long as we remain conscious each step of the way. If we want a peaceful existence we must live out peaceful ways.

*Artwork by Cameron Grey